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Wireless charging pad

SkyCurrent Technology

PowerSphyr is the only wireless power provider delivering multiple wireless charging technologies. Not sure which technology to choose? No problem. Each technology has its own merits. We’ll help you pick the right solution.

PowerSphyr offers the following solutions to fit any application:

  • Magnetic Resonance – higher power delivery, spatial freedom, safe for nearby metals and supports multiple devices simultansiously
  • Qi – simple & low cost
  • Capacitive – Great for industrial applications where very high power is required
  • RF Energy Harvesting – Distance flexibility and great for sensors/IoT


PowerSphyr’s SkyCurrent family of wireless power transmission and receiving solutions enable fast, easy-to-use, and secure wireless charging across a wide range of products and modules. Each product includes a fully developed reference design.

Key Markets

Automotive Products

Delivering the cockpit of the future through a suite of  OEM partnerships including Faurecia, a global automotive leader, to deliver wireless charging to 600,000 cars by 2020. 

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Consumer Products

Currently shipping the SkyCurrent III multi-device and dual-mode wireless charging pad and phone sleeves through key OEMs. A complete suite of wireless products for computer peripherals, home security and an array of smart devices.   

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Industrial Products

Delivery through select OEMs true 'drop and go' capability across a wide range of industrial applications, formats, and power requirements from 5W to 500W. Current solutions include flexible format charging pads, power tools, EMT radio, flashlights, and drones.       

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Partnerships and Industry Validation

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