DANVILLE, CA, Oct. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — PowerSphyr, Inc. today revealed that they have been awarded a patent to deliver the first truly intelligent near-field and far-field wireless charging solution.

“This patent validates the expertise PowerSphyr has in delivering seamless wireless charging,” said Neil Ganz, President, and CEO. “This is a full-fledged utility patent that defines PowerSphyr as the only platform to deliver truly intelligent ‘drop & go’ wireless charging.”

The Patent Award: this patent covers both transmission and receiving of multi-mode near-field and far-field wireless charging to:

  • Intelligently identify optimal power requirements between power and charging units
  • Dynamically switch between near-field and far-field charging based on distance and power required
  • Optimize charging time by mapping device capacity to charge delivery
  • Extend the architecture to support all viable near-field and far-field charging standards

PowerSphyr Customer Benefits: a full suite of wireless charging solutions that work anytime, and every time. These Enabled by PowerSphyr solutions include:

  • Automotive center console charging station and power sleeve for your smart devices
  • Ruggedized charging pads for industrial and fire & safety applications that charge up to 8 devices
  • Flexible consumer design such as a hearing aid charging donut where users drop and charge their hearing aid without concern for alignment
  • SkyCurrent III wireless charging station that supports high-performance magnetic resonant charging, as well as backward compatibility for existing Qi-enabled smartphones.

PowerSphyr is the only provider to deliver seamless charging capabilities across multiple charging requirements (500 Watts down to low milliwatts) while supporting the 3 primary standards for wireless charging: AirFuel Alliance magnetic resonant and radio frequency; as well as Wireless Power Consortium’s magnetic induction (or Qi).

“We are open for business,” said Ganz. “PowerSphyr welcomes the opportunity to design, develop and deliver a Connected World, Unplugged™.”

About PowerSphyr
Providing wireless power solutions to build a Connected World, Unplugged™. PowerSphyr delivers end-to-end innovative wireless power charging solutions for the automotive, consumer and industrial markets. PowerSphyr supports the three key industry standards for wireless power charging: Magnetic Induction; Magnetic Resonance; and RF Energy Harvesting.  For more information visit  Follow us on Facebook at m Twitter at and find us on LinkedIn at