Consumer Solutions

Consumer Products

PowerSphyr designs wireless power products and modules for the consumer products industry that eliminate the need for cables or precise coil alignment, enabling fast, easy to use, and secure charging ecosystems with elegant industrial design and flexible form factors.

Multi-device charging pad

PowerSphyr Seamlessly Supports the 3 Primary Standards for Wireless Charging

Magnetic Resonant

  • Enhanced spatial freedom
  • Higher power delivery
  • Better thermal management (coins, keys, and metal objects)
  • Supports multiple devices with various powers

Magnetic Inductive

  • Limited spatial freedom
  • Requires 1-to-1 alignment: transmitter to receiver
  • Limited power delivery and thermal management (metal objects become very hot)

AirFuel RF

  • Optimal spatial freedom: up to 40ft
  • Can be used to harvest existing frequencies
  • Full support of FCC regulatory limits for power delivery

PowerSphyr’s SkyCurrent III is the ultimate wireless charging platform delivering its dual-mode wireless charging pad and a suite of ‘fast charging’ battery cases.
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