DANVILLE, CA (PRNewswire) September 18, 2018PowerSphyr’s Board of Directors announced today the appointment of Robert (Bob) Klosterboer as an independent director of the firm.  Bob brings 30 plus years of semiconductor experience to help drive the vision and direction to enable wireless charging solutions for the automotive, industrial and consumer markets.

“Bob is both a world-class technologist and visionary who can identify key companies and partners that will leverage PowerSphyr’s family of wireless charging solutions,” said Neil Ganz, CEO and Chairman of PowerSphyr. “In fact, our partner and investor Faurecia identified Bob as the perfect hands-on board member to provide access and instant credibility to those strategic partners that share our vision of a connected world, unplugged.”

Mr. Klosterboer, as a former board member of the AirFuel Alliance, has deep experience and insights into those key industries and applications that can most benefit from wireless power. His management experience includes private and public structures, participating in the IPO process, and M&A of both private and public companies.

“I am ready to roll up my sleeves and assist in identifying those automotive, industrial and consumer companies that will best benefit from the ‘Enabled by PowerSphyr™’ platform,” said Klosterboer. “PowerSphyr truly represents the next-generation ‘always there and always on’ wireless charging.”

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Providing wireless power solutions to build a Connected World, Unplugged™. PowerSphyr delivers end-to-end innovative wireless power charging solutions for the automotive, consumer and industrial markets. PowerSphyr supports the three key industry standards for wireless power charging: Magnetic Induction; Magnetic Resonance; and RF Energy Harvesting.  For more information visit  Follow us on Facebook at and find us on LinkedIn at